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Church of God

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Ladies' Quilting Group
Meets every Tuesday at the Ream House, next door to the Sanctuary
9:00 AM and 1 PM
(or bring your lunch and stay all day!)

Coral Lee, Faye, and Marjorie work on a traditional
Double Wedding Ring pattern.
                                                                                    Photos by Linda
                    Quilting Bee
In Fellowship they meet,
Their long days to invest,
Snipping and sewing, only slowing
To visit, to eat or rest.

Calico scraps, heaped on laps,
Each one an exact size and hue.
Fingers nimble with thread and thimble,
Create pretty patterns anew.

Heads bent to the task, you need not ask
If these ladies love to quilt.
Their talented touch, expresses as much
As piece onto piece it is built.

Friends try to perceive who will receive
Each quilt that is stitched from the heart,
With needlework fine, the patterns entwined
A treasure, a true work of art.

Author: unknown

The Ladies Quilting Group recently donated $1200. to the
building fund, and have donated to other causes as needed.